Cobi Tower 1 and 2 are going to be promising destinations containing multi-services from business to entertainment. Two landmarks provide over 26,241 square meters of office space & over 9,837 square meters of retail space. To be the first "ALL in ONE" variety space in the area, we are confident to draw the attention of a great number of customers inside & outside the district.

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Cobi Tower provides Premium Grade A Offices and Co-working Spaces for entrepreneurs. With an ideal location and international office quality standards of construction and management, many start-ups, IT/ Trade/ Logistics/ Retail companies, Banks, Financial, Foreign companies, law firms, and other businesses are among our potential tenants.

A total of 20,860 m2 of office space is available for rent. Cobi Tower provides a convenient ecosystem for businesses and their employees, including a complex of F&B, shopping malls, and entertainment spaces. Furthermore, secure basement parking for both cars and motorcycles is intended to serve a large number of people working inside.

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The building's first to third floors will be used for commercial purposes, with a much larger design than the other floors. This commercial center was designed to maximize convenience for people working at Cobi Tower and the surrounding areas.

With a total area of 9,837 m2 and a high ceiling design - the height of the 2F and 3F  is 4.5m, while the height of the 1F is 7m - the building allows for the creation of many unique decorative spaces as well as the development of parallel shops. This mall has the potential to become a popular shopping destination, boosting the local economy.

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Youth Street, the space between the two buildings, is intended to be a vibrant shopping area with many F&B stores, cafes, retail stores, and an outdoor stage. Every week, there will be performances and events to liven up the atmosphere and attract visitors.

More interestingly, we have Sky Bridges - two bridges that will make it easier for visitors to move between the two buildings. Sky Bridges are also a shortcut to Sky Terrace, a relaxing open space with a beautiful view. The combination of these facilities has resulted in a youthful and energetic entertainment area at the building's podium floors.

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The third floor of Cobi Towers will be an excellent spot for renowned general examination centers, hospitals, and clinics to locate their facilities. The health care service meets modern society's stringent standards, maximizing benefits for the office community and the surrounding residents.

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Education has always been an important factor in our development and investment. Cobi Towers will not only serve as a gathering place for professional academies and language centers, but it will also create favorable conditions for these institutions to operate effectively.

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Vietnamese consumers are increasingly demanding and interested in nutrition as well as food taste. F&B services are provided to meet the changing tastes of Vietnamese consumers, as well as to meet the new needs arising from a changing dining culture.

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Sky-terrace in Cobi Tower 2 - 4F is an interesting and relaxing destination for tenants and visitors. It is an open-space with a beautiful view and fresh air. Visitors on the 2nd and 3rd floors can easily access the Sky terrace by crossing the Sky bridge.

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COBI TOWER 1 and 2 have been meticulously designed and is complemented by the best facilities available in Vietnam. The two towers are built based on world construction standards while being optimized for the intended use. We are always cautious when it comes to facility selection, focusing on premium quality, suitability, environmental friendliness, and use efficiency.

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A dynamic and exciting Youth street with many F&B, Coffee & Tea shops, and Retail stores is located between two towers. This is a place where people, particularly young people, can enjoy food and connect with one another.

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An attraction of Cobi Towers is the outdoor stage located in the Youth Street area, near the Sky bridge. The outdoor stage promotes weekly music or events performed by artists and singers, a great promotion for tenant sales.

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Sky-terrace in Cobi Tower’s 2F - 4F is a relaxed destination for tenants and visitors, with open space, beautiful views and fresh air. Visitors and Tenants on the 2F and 3F floor can easily access the Sky terrace by crossing the Sky bridge.

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Cobi Tower 1 and 2 are linked on the podium by two sky bridges, making commercial and retail services more accessible.  Two creatively designed bridges on the 2F and 3F of Cobi Tower provide a shortcut between the two buildings.

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Plasma Air Sterilization is used in Cobi Towers to kill 99.9% of four major airborne pathogenic bacteria and coronavirus. This air sterilization technology is one-of-a-kind and internationally patented and developed by the Cobi Group in Korea.

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High ceiling design provides efficient space utilization, so tenants can create attractive decor for commercial purposes. 2F and 3F's height is 4.5m, while 1F's height is 7m which can be transformed into many unique decor spaces as well as duplex stores.

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Eco-friendly Terracotta and double Low-E glass panels are used to wrap up the building's facade and to protect the building's occupants from the harmful effects of sunlight. Low-E glass is well-known for its ability to block ultraviolet rays.

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Energy Saving MEP & Material
Many energy-saving electric appliances of valuable brands over the world are installed. Terracotta and Double Low-E glass with UV and heat protection also are used as materials to help reduce energy consumption.  

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Both inside and outside the building, the most stringent security standards are met. The building is controlled by security guards, and all CCTV cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week via monitors in the central control room.

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Recognizing that noise pollution has a negative impact on quality of life and workplace productivity. We carefully selected the best materials to create different premium ceilings with the excellent diffuse light ability and noise prevention.

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The offices and visitors are served by ten Schindler lifts located within the central core of the tower.

One service lift with a capacity of 2,000 kgs and nine Schindler's smart control passenger lifts.

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There are total 10,533 m2 of 2-floor-basement space. In the basements, total 138 car parking spaces and 843 motorcycle parking spaces. With ample and convenient parking, Cobi Tower will be an excellent choice for businesses and visitors.

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